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Business Type


The new Cash Converters at 205 Moulsham street opened in july 2010 with the intention of transforming the local second hand industry and providing customers with great deals at bargain prices.

At Cash Converters we provide today's consumers with a modern, clean, professional and convenient environment in which to sell used or unwanted goods for instant cash. We also offer a great place to shop for pre-owned bargains plus a range of financial services including cheque cashing and cash advance loans, and we buy gold too, catering for all sectors of the population including the millions of adults in the United Kingdom who do not have access to bank accounts or mainstream credit facilities.

Cash Converters trains its franchisees in the effective use of its proven business system, where as many other franchises involve the distribution of products purchased from the franchisor. We then offer a level of support to our franchisees, which sets us apart with a unique mix of widely appealing services.

A Cash Converters store offers an extremely diverse and constantly evolving range of products. Buying stock from customers daily, our franchisees cam enjoy a high degree of flexibility in pricing, allowing them to respond to fluctuating economic cycles. The growing platform of financial services available further enhances the stability of the business to changing economic conditions and helps our customer get on with their lives.


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9:15 - 5:50

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9:15 - 5:30. Closed on Sundays.

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